Catherine Farquharson / Documentographer

Ignite Your Soul

1-Day Urban Yoga Retreat – a magical day that will make you feel like you spent a whole weekend away!

It is with much excitement that I announce a 1-Day Urban Yoga Retreat based on the powerful and ever inspiring Flow Restore Create workshop style class. The purpose of this retreat is to create a supportive and healing space for you to tune in and connect more deeply with your heart and soul. Through powerful and healing practices, this retreat will inspire you to move forward loving all you are and consciously working toward creating a life that you’re in love with!

This day is all about ensuring you feel supported and cared from the moment you walk in the space. The number of retreat participants will be capped at an intimate number and there will be additional healers present to deepen and maximize the hands on healing component of the day.

Schedule For The Day* 

10am – Arrival

10 – 10:30am – Opening

10:30am – 12pm – Flow Yoga and Yoga Nidra

12pm – 12:30pm – Lunch**

12:30pm – 1pm Walking Mediation

1pm – 3pm Community Circle and Soulful Masterminding

3pm – 4:45pm Healing Yoga (Restorative Yoga with hands on Reiki Healing)

4:45pm – 5pm Closing Circle

*this schedule may shift slightly as the day plays out

**A catered organic, raw lunch and all daily refreshments are included. After you register, you will be given the choices to choose from!

When and Where

Send me a message here if you’re interested in hearing about the next one!

Follow the magic and connect more deeply with the truth of your soul!