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Catherine Cowan

Hi! I’m Catherine. A Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Guru, Healer, Coach, optimist, and mama to 3 children (plus a dog). I love new adventures, and wholeheartedly believe in love. I am passionate about helping people find their inner light so they can shine brightly in their truth, live the life they want, and be the best version of themselves. I am fueled by seeing people live their most brilliant self fully and with confidence.

I founded The Holistic Way in 2002. I credit my extensive travels throughout Asia, after graduating from McGill University, as the genesis and inspiration for beginning my career in the field of wellness, healing, and holistic based practices. Starting The Holistic Way has fulfilled a life-long desire to help people find a connection to the magic within themselves, fulfillment in each day, and empowerment in making what they want and how they want to live a reality. I lead all of my Yoga classes, Meditations, healing, coaching sessions and courses, from a heart place which allows my clients to feel fully accepted and able to find the sweetness in the journey. My intuitive and compassionate nature guides me in giving my clients a deeply empowering, healing, and inspiring experience.

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I would also like to introduce you to some very special and gifted women who I feel honoured to have a part of The Holistic Way team. They share their gifts to bring the magic of the Kids Yoga program to light!

The Holistic Way Team

Laura Bianchi

For the last 14+ years, I have been a devoted yoga practitioner. I completed my first 300+ hrs teacher training at Yoga Therapy Toronto. By completing my training for several kinds of yoga, such as Yoga for Kids, Restorative, Yin and 1000+ hrs Yoga Therapy Training, I have deepened my knowledge and practice.  I enriched my holistic approach with a training on Yoga for Youth at New Leaf Foundation and Applied Mindfulness Meditation at the University of Toronto.  I am currently teaching drop-in and private classes for families, kids, and seniors, at studios and corporations, as well as mindfulness yoga classes at nonprofit organizations.  My intention is to create an enjoyable yoga class that provides a combination of breathing awareness, movement,  and tenderness towards ourselves with the intention of feeling lighter, more connected and relaxed.  My hope is to hold that space for you. To take care. To give care. Always grateful to be part of The Holistic Way.

Dana Chapman

I have been a classroom teacher with the Toronto District School Board for more than twelve years, a seconded teacher at JICS, and have completed my Masters of Education. It was through managing this work and some personal challenges that I landed in my first Yoga class more than a decade ago. A disciplined daily practice has inspired and supported my work with children and adults and has lead naturally into the study of Holistic Nutrition, Reiki, Yoga, and Yoga Therapy. I completed my Children’s Yoga Teacher training through The Yoga Tree and my 300 hour Yoga Teacher training and 500 hour Yoga Therapist designation through Yoga Therapy Toronto. Combining the worlds of education and Yoga has become a passion. I run an annual programme called Classroom Heartbeat: A Year of Mindfulness for teachers and parents who are looking to explore how their exploration of mindfulness, wellness, and balance has ripple effects into their relationships with the children in their homes and classrooms. I also teach a variety of yoga classes for adults and children in the Annex as well as offers private Yoga Therapy sessions. I’m thrilled to be part of the Holistic Way team!

Carolina Carvalho

I started practicing yoga in 2000, while still living in Brazil. The inner peace found on the yoga mat led me to my first yoga teacher training program in Toronto. In 2006, I left a corporate career and traveled to India to study yoga therapy in a clinical setting. Witnessing the healing aspects of this practice first hand and all around me, I felt called to deepen my studies and have since then been working with individuals of all walks of life, helping them achieve optimal health and well-being.
I create a safe practice environment and hope to inspire people to live from a place of love and acceptance, realizing their fullest potential. Ongoing studies and practice combined with a compassionate heart make my classes a grounding and soothing experience for mind, body and soul.

Janna Michelle

I’m a yoga instructor and environmental educator in Toronto, Ontario. I’m currently completing my Masters of Teaching at the University of Toronto in Health and Physical Education, with a strong focus on environmental learning. The ethos of my yoga practice is reflective of my commitments to fostering health and wellness for my students, community, and our environment.

I acquired her certification from Yoga Alliance in Rishikesh, India in 2012. Since then, I have completed my Kids Yoga Certification and Vinyasa Yoga Certification from the Winnipeg Yoga Center, and have spent time traveling across Manitoba to share my yoga programs with schools and youth-serving agencies.  Braided into my yoga practice is my background and passion in modern dance, ballet, and the study of music. My classes and general teaching philosophy see laughter and light-heartedness as the best place to start!

Marni Levitt

My programs are filled with the gifts that I have gained from my 10+ years leading teams, designing ground-breaking curriculum, teaching adults, and teaching some of the most vulnerable children in the public school system; 20+ years performing as a singer-songwriter; 10 years practice in traditional African drum-dance (including 2x study trips to Guinea, West Africa), and 10 years study in Yoga and Mindfulness (including specialized certifications to teach children and seniors).

My experience, along with degrees in Education and Broadcasting, uniquely positions me as a modern-day wellness guru, guide and cultural animator.  Born out of transformative personal and work experiences, my highly innovative programs aim to light a spark to inspire people to reorient the relationship between their mind and body.

I have worked with hundreds of children, families and organizations across the GTA.

Jessie Smith

Yoga has served as a tool for helping keep me grounded and balanced through most of my life. I decided to leap into teaching after working in the corporate world and finding little fulfillment. I completed my yoga teacher training in Hawaii, and returned to Toronto to explore teaching in a multitude of landscapes. My greatest enjoyment was in teaching children how to breathe, connect to their growing bodies and find joy and peace in themselves. I worked for a year teaching in schools run by the Toronto District School Board, then became a Certified Children’s Yoga Instructor and Certified Pre + Post Natal Yoga Instructor. I also hold the designation of Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

True yoga looks different to everyone, as it comes from a place authentic to both the teacher and the student. I help guide others to connect with their own yoga practice in a way genuine and unique to them. I incorporate community circles in my classes, to remind us all that our human connection runs deep. I guide others through breathe, meditation and movement to discover a place of peace within. I keep the emphasis on the heart centre, as we can live our lives more fully when we are in touch with our hearts and are open to all of life’s opportunities.

Anastasia Watson

I live my life under the various and well loved titles of yoga teacher (RYT-500), writer, aunt, retreat leader, public speaker, truth-teller and smoothie connoisseur amongst others. I believes in the healing power of words and that metaphors can be medicine to the stories living in the “meat and bones” of our bodies, our breath and our hearts. When a detour of health in my early childhood mandated a new “flexitarian” life style adjusting to the ups and downs of life lived with Epilepsy, I began to uncover the benefits of radical self-honesty, creative expression and body-centered mindful movement in my pursuit of vibrant health and wellbeing. I am now thrilled to offer classes which craft inclusive and safe spaces where students can uncover, breathe into and celebrate the stories ‘beneath their skin’. A storyteller, natural nurturer and dedicated ‘pause-provider’ since I was old enough to hold both Crayola’s and conversations. I have studied my personal craft of writing and teaching yoga with experts in each discipline both locally and internationally. I am grateful to the many teachers such as Xenia Splawinski, Rodney and Colleen Saidman-Yee, Chris Kay-Fraser, Sean Corn, Doug Keller, Cynthia Cooperstone, Janice Clairfield and others who continue to inspire my ongoing growth and expansion as a teacher and creative catalyst within my own heart, home and teaching practice.