Catherine Farquharson / Documentographer

HEALING YOGA is a union between Restorative Yoga and the healing touch of Reiki with a sprinkling of massage.

This deeply therapeutic and restful Yoga experience will leave you feeling stress-free, clear and rejuvenated. You are sure to feel very well cared for as you melt into the comfort and ease of deeply supported Restorative Yoga poses and receive the warmth of Reiki’s healing touch. You will melt more deeply into the experience through the scent of essential oils. Each session will help repair your nervous system and leave you feeling quiet, calm, rested and nourished.

As a way to deepen the healing experience, every Healing Yoga session begins with Soul Therapy Coaching and time to share and deepen into whatever may be going on or needs healing. This initial groundwork acts as a way to “till the land” (so to speak) to create a rich and beautifully fertile space which better allows for a more potent healing session.

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Healing Yoga