Wouldn’t it be great to feel more calm, more present in your relationships and better connected to your intuition?

Life happens so fast. Time seems to just evaporate, doesn’t it?

I don’t know about you, but as the noise of my to-do list, “shoulds” and obligations continue to grow, I find it difficult to stay true to the best and brightest version of myself.

Do you know what I mean? Does this sound familiar to you?

If it does, keep reading…

In the race that is life and with the “busy-disease” plaguing the world we live in, it can be challenging to savour and fully enjoy our lives in the way we desire. Before too long, we’re acting like a shadow version of ourselves, affecting our vibrancy and changing how we arrive in our relationships.

The truth is, YOU DESERVE to feel calm, present and connected to yourself and your life. YOU DESERVE to have fulfilling, engaging and love-filled relationships. YOU DESERVE to live a life where you feel alive, joyful and have space to dream. We all do!

But how?

The trick to feeling alive and present is re-connecting with and re-awakening our most natural state of being. But, how do we do this?

First, it’s important to understand, life is made up of a series of moments and interactions. How we relate to these moments and interactions creates our day and makes up our life. The key to finding joy, calm, presence and true connection in our lives is how we CHOOSE to receive, interpret and act within these moments.

How often do you find yourself feeling agitated, overwhelmed or frustrated about something that’s happened to you?

Life throws curve balls. We all know the impact of traffic being a nightmare, our children having meltdowns, life getting in the way of making it to our planned workouts. Or perhaps you feel like your partner is being totally unsupportive, a family member is up to their old selfish shenanigans, or your co-workers/colleagues aren’t completing the work they said they would. These moments can easily cascade into a low lying cloud hanging over your day, a cloud that keeps you from feeling present, calm, joyful and connected, a cloud that keeps you from your best and brightest version of yourself.

Life doesn’t have to be like this, there IS another way. You can receive the moments differently –  and the power to do this lies in one of the best self-development tools I know of. This transformative tool helps me remain connected to myself, present in each moment, and responsive to the people I love most. By engaging with this tool, I can restore my internal equilibrium when life pushes things out of whack and keep aligned with my heart’s desires.

Self-Development 101: How to Connect Your Mind, Body, and Soul will give you the tools you need to unlock the ability to change how you receive each and every moment and interact with your life experiences. This self study e-course equips you with the tools necessary to learn how to respond to and perceive these moments in a new way. For 8 days, and in as little as 5 minutes and no more than 20 minutes a day, you will learn how to see things differently.

So, what is this powerful self-development tool?

The main energy centers of the body (aka the chakras).

The depth of power that comes from learning about and awakening the wisdom housed within the main energy centers is HUGE. Having a better understanding of the chakras wisdom and doing the work to awaken the power of each one, will exponentially grow your ability to feel calmer, more grounded, and more connected with YOURSELF and within your relationships!

Understanding your body’s energy system will give you the ability to start engaging with the world in an entirely new way, in a way that feels more fulfilling and aligned with the truth of who you are and what you want. Just as it has done for me for the past 20 + years!

What’s included in this 8-day e-course?

  • An introduction to the main energy centers that will speak to you in a practical, real way (i.e. no woo woo talk) and share a solid foundation of this ancient system
  • A guide through each of the 7 main centers (root, sacral, power, heart, throat, third eye and crown)
  • 12 journaling exercises to deepen your work and depth of understanding
  • 7 mindful practices designed to help awaken each energy center  (i.e. bite-sized yoga practices or meditations)
  • 25+ powerful mantras/affirmations to connect more deeply with each energy center
  • 9 practical exercises to further support you in connecting more deeply with and awakening each energy center

IT’S TIME FOR YOU! It’s time for you to live feeling present in your life and as the true expression of who you are. It’s time for you to feel alive and connected with your heart’s desires. It’s time for you to have deeply connected and fulfilling relationships.

So, I have one final question, what are you waiting for?

Take the leap to learn more about your energy body. Unlock a deeper connection to yourself and within your relationships. Awaken the possibility of living a life feeling calm, connected, joyful, and alive!   

Join Self-Development 101 today!

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