Create the changes you desire. Feel calm and connect with yourself and those you care most about. Gain clarity with your heart’s desires. Step into action and create positive change in your life.

If you’re ready and your soul says YES, let’s chat!

My life passion is to inspire, support and guide people to live a life led by their heart and filled with more joy.

With almost two decades as a Healer, Yoga Instructor and Mindfulness Guru, adding Coaching into the mix felt like the missing link. It added valuable tools to my toolbox and made the ones I was already using sharper and more efficient. I call the coaching work I share, Soul Work Coaching.

Unlike other coaching programs which can be more superficial and band-aid like, Soul Work Coaching is about creating changes from the inside out. It will peel away the layers that prevent you from living as your truest self-expression, support you as you break through the limitations and fears that hold you back, inspire you to know your purpose, and live each day with intention and self-love. It will ignite a spark within you that will allow you to live your life with more SOUL!

Having a Coach is one the best personal investments you can make in yourself – it certainly has been for me! It isn’t easy to  create changes and transformations. It takes work to release the thoughts, behaviours and patterns that keep your soul from shining bright.

With my strong intuitive and compassionate, heart led nature, I act as a Soul Jedi – a coach, champion and advocate to support you in reconnecting with and bringing to life the YOU you know in your heart you can be (and perhaps lost touch with somewhere along the way).

My extensive personal and professional experience, is the fuel that allows me to guide and empower my clients to live each day in connection with their soul’s desires and purpose. My work is successful when you get the results you want long-term. Through this work, you will feel supported and listened to, clear and grounded, better able to love yourself and others, and, ultimately, joy and peace.

Soul Work Coaching is powerful, impactful and deeply healing. It will allow you to live a deeply enriched life.

I would be honoured to support you in stepping with fullness into the YOU that lives in your heart and creating changes that will allow your soul to shine from the inside out.

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